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Wicked Wednesday–Malice Domestic?

On Wicked Wednesdays we will all chime in on an answer to a question. Feel free to respond in the comments!

So many books to read!

Did you go to Malice Domestic last weekend? Thoughts?

Sherry: I loved being at Malice! Seeing so many wonderful authors and friends, meeting fans of mysteries, and of course the books!!!!!

Edith on her panel along with the fabulous Connie Archer who has a series set in Vermont

Edith: It was a fabulous experience. I was on my first Malice panel and got to meet friends in person I had previously only known online. I particularly enjoyed meeting Catriona McPherson, who is not only a delight and the winner of this year’s Agatha for Best Historical Mystery, but also sat at my New Author breakfast table and told me she holds a PhD in linguistics like I do!

Barb: I had a blast. I especially loved Malice-Go-Round which is like speed dating for authors. To be honest, I’d been dreading it, because I think one of the major advantages of being married a thousand years is that you shouldn’t have to speed date. But it was great!  My partner in crime was the fabulous Sheila Connolly. Also, I was so proud my fellow Maine Crime Writer Kathy Lynn Emerson (Kaitlyn Dunnett) was named Guest of Honor for next year. With Dorothy Cannell getting a Life Time Achievement Award, it’s going to be a wicked awesome year for New England.

Jessie: This was my second Malice and it was even better than the first. The energy of the conference is great. There are so many interesting people to get to know and even the staff at the hotel gets into the spirit of the occasion. Everywhere you turn there are writers you admire chatting with readers you appreciate and publishing professionals that help make it all happen. It is the highlight of my writing year!

All the Wicked Cozy authors!

Liz: I’m so bummed I couldn’t attend this year! But I was there in spirit (and on the head of a popsicle stick, apparently) and lived vicariously through all of you. Count me in for next year!

Julie: I had a great time at Malice. Six takeaways:

  1. I learned a ton–sitting in on the speed dating was a great lesson in pitches and swag.
  2. We here at the blog all have very different skill sets, and we used them all at Malice. (Let’s call Sherry the recruiter from now on.)
  3. Supporting each other is a great thing. 
  4. Sisters in Crime, and our New England chapter, totally rock. And if you are an aspiring writer, join the Guppies.
  5. Mystery writers are very nice people.
  6. If you live in or near Baltimore, go to the Gift Cellar and say “hey” to Kim. She hosted a great event Sunday afternoon, and her shop is great.
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