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Happy Book Birthday to Edith!

I’m thrilled to announce on behalf of the Wicked Cozy Authors that Edith Maxwell’s A Tine Tine to Live, A Tine to Die, is released today! We’re all very excited for this book, as you can see from our posts celebrating farming this week. What I’m wondering is, Edith already celebrated this book release with a bold move – becoming a full-time writer earlier this month.

So I’m wondering, Edith, what are you going to do in celebration to top that?

Good question, Liz! I’ve decided to spend the morning  taking a flyer about my book around to a dozen local libraries and then mailing one to the other dozen north of Boston. I’m going early to have them printed in color, with a lovely ad Kensington created, plus the positive Library Journal review.

Then I think I might take an historical mystery to Salisbury Beach with a beach chair, a sandwich, and a contraband thermos of wine, since our week of rain and chilly temps has finally ended.

Ending the day with champagne and maybe a movie? Sounds like a celebration to me!

Liz: Thanks, Edith! We wicked cozies can’t wait to read it 🙂

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