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Wicked Wednesday: Whose Chair Is It Anyway?

By Sherry Harris

Today we are playing Whose Chair Is It Anyway. Below are pictures of our desk chairs. Match the Wicked Cozy Author to their chair. Leave us a reply and win — absolutely nothing except knowing that you are smarter than the rest of us. I’m the only one who knows which chair belongs to which Wicked and I’m not above being bribed for the answers!

Chair One
Chair Two
Chair Three
Chair Four
Chair Five
Chair Six

Jessie: My guesses are: # 2 belongs to Liz and #3 is where Barb is spending her time writing.

Edith: I guess #6 is Liz (or Julie!) and #5 is Jessie.

Answers: Edith, Liz, Barb (you should see the part of the picture I cut out — stunning view), Sherry (worlds most uncomfortable chair, Jessie, Julie

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