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Bouchercon Reflections

Edith, Sherry-on-a-Stick, and Tess Gerritsen
Edith, Sherry-on-a-Stick, and Tess Gerritsen

Bouchercon may be  over for one more year but we are still thinking about it. Here’s the final wrap-up.

Jessie: I hope our readers all have some place in their lives that make them feel as supported and as much like they belong as a mystery conference does for me. It is so nourishing to be in the midst of so many people who love books, love puzzles and love writing. Being completely surrounded by people who have lost themselves in many of the same books and wish they could visit the same fictional places is a delight. The opportunity to attend panels showcasing some of the most respected names in mystery was such a joy. Time spent over dinner and at the bar with friends, both old and new was really special. Writers spend so much time in isolation. It does the soul good to get out and mingle.

Liz: When I’m with other writers, I’m know I’m with my tribe. That’s what this weekend felt like. Spending three and a half days with other writers, people I admire and aspire to emulate, and friends old and new was just what I needed to jumpstart my creativity. So blessed to have gone and spent time with such amazing people, including my Wicked Cozy sisters! And such a thrill to sign books for readers!

Edith: Oh, my, what a wonderful

Sue Grafton with Sherry Harris

experience. Bouchercon is truly a readers’ convention, and the spirit these avid mystery fans brought to the panels and signings was so very gratifying. And then to hang out with the readers as well as authors from well-known to just-getting-started was such a treat. Plus, we introduced Sherry-on-a-Stick to so many famous writers!

Jessie and Sherry at dinner

Julie: What a great weekend. Exhausting, but great. I arrived a little earlier than the other Wickeds so I could attend a Sisters in Crime board meeting. I am very honored to have been voted on the national board, and look forward to working with the amazing group I met on Thursday. Jessie Crockett and I shared a room in Albany (a lovely city), and I was THRILLED to see her book on the desk. Can’t wait to buy a copy next week!

Barb: I’m exhausted after my very first Bouchercon! Thanks so much to Kensington for giving away a box of Clammed Up, and to the organizers for having me on a panel. Thanks to Clare Toohey, the fabulous moderator of the panel Edith and I were on, too. She was amazing! And of course to my Wicked Sisters who always seem to be there to support me when new ground is broken.

Others have said it, but it bears repeating. Being with other writers is a tonic. And meeting readers is a gift. What a great weekend!

Readers: What’s your favorite convention or conference for readers or writers? Do you thrive on hanging out with hundreds of your peers, or is it all too much? If you went to Bouchercon, what was your favorite part?

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