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We’re sharing what we’re grateful for today, and wish all our readers a warm, happy day with much also to have gratitude for. As a group, we are exceedingly grateful every time one of you stops by our blog.

Allan and John David

Edith: Besides the enormous blessing of having a fiction writing career that seems to be blossoming, I am most grateful for my two wonderful adult sons, who are smart, funny, handsome, caring, who each supports himself, and who like to spend time with their dear old Mommy.

Barb: Like Edith, I’m grateful for family today. I’m spending the day at my son and daughter-in-law’s house in Connecticut with the new baby granddaughter. What could be better?

Jessie: I’m grateful for family too, but in a more roundabout way. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about other times and other places.  I’ve been thinking about immigrants and leaving behind the familiar. Right now, I am truly grateful for grit and determination. I am so thankful for the women and men in my family who left the known behind and headed into the possibilities that another land could offer. Without their adventurous spirit I would not be in the here and now celebrating the holiday. I am also indescribably grateful for the same sort of gumption in my husband. Without his courage to make a new life for himself in America we would not be a family.

Sherry: Jessie that is lovely! I too am grateful for my wonderful supportive family. I’m so grateful to have our daughter home, after Bob’s four hour sojourn driving sixty miles to pick her up in Baltimore. I’m also grateful for a lot of other people from my college friends to all the fabulous people I met in our moves during our time in the Air Force. There were many times we didn’t want to move or didn’t like the place we were moving to. Each time we were surrounded by the greatest people. To think of the friends I would have missed out on otherwise. Happy Thanksgiving!

Readers: What are you most grateful for?

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