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Opening Lines

We’re writing opening lines for this picture. Please add your own in the Comments area!

Edith: The men hadn’t minded so much being turned to stone by the red-shirted wizard, but the women put up a fierce struggle.

Liz: The rock formations on the empty beach looked like a strange community of people frozen in time, forever destined to be stuck in their places as the water lapped around them, at times overwhelming them. She felt empathy for the little people – perhaps because they reminded her of herself.

Sherry: John tried to find some balance in his life.

Jessie: He just knew they would let him into the juried art show once they’d seen his latest installation.

Julie: Damnit. She tried to tell him he was building the statue park too close to the edge of the water, but did he listen? No. Of course not. He never did. And there he was, fussing with a detail that was going to be under water in an hour. Now she just had to figure out how to make sure he joined them. Permanently.

Barb: Megalomania is not always a terrible thing, Jennie thought. How many masterpieces had the world lost with the current advances in medication?

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