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High Point of the Week

As the doldrums of February try to close in around us we’ve decided to beat them back by focusing on the positive. Each week this month we will post the high point of our week on Fridays and we hope you’ll chime in too.MaxHugh2009

Edith: Ten years ago today I went for a long walk in Ipswich with a tall funny man I had met on It was our first in-person meeting, on Valentine’s Day purely by chance, and we walked and talked for almost two hours. And we’re still together. That’s a pretty big high point for me! You can bet that we’re going out for a really nice dinner. And he never forgets our anniversary date.

Barb: Edith, I’d forgotten it was Valentines! (That’s what happens when you’ve been married for 38 years.) Bill and I are low-keying it this year with dinner and a movie on Saturday or Sunday, so my highlight of the week is being HOME. I love to travel and I love, love Key West, but I have a craving for routine that never quite gets satisfied. I believe it’s out there like some platonic ideal and the closest I will ever get to it is when I’m home for an extended period.

Liz: I’d say snow, but I’d be lying. Lots of good stuff this week, but my high point was being able to wish the lovely Cynthia Fleck (my pseudo mom) happy birthday and remembering that family is not just who you’re born into.
Oh – and having hot water in the kitchen again after being without for two weeks is pretty cool too 🙂

Sherry: Two things happened this week that touched my heart. Someone said some very lovely things about our blog. And seeing our neighbors work together to battle the snow that fell in Virginia yesterday. To the rest of the world it’s just snow but here it is an event!

Julie: And I was also on the Jungle Red Writers blog, which was a lot of fun. And the same night I was on a panel at the Mystery Writers of America New England meeting. It was about debut novelists, and I was (yet again) humbled by the support of my fellow writers, including Edith who sat right down front. A nice week for Julianne Holmes.

Jessie:My high point this week has been treating myself to early bedtimes almost every night and waking utterly refreshed for a change. Usually, I get between 5-6 hours of sleep but this week I have been taking myself firmly in hand and getting to bed by 10 or 10::30. It is remarkable how much it improves my mood and productivity the next day.

So readers, what made you smile this week?

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