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High Point of the Week

As the doldrums of February try to close in around us we’ve decided to beat them back by focusing on the positive. Each week this month we will post the high point of our week on Fridays and we hope you’ll chime in too.

So readers, what made you smile this week?

Edith: That February will be over tonight at midnight? Actually, mine would be attending a costumed reading of a play last night about fiery activist and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, a Newburyport native, and eating across the street beforehand in an historic restaurant (built by a Quaker in 1809) featuring authentic 1800s food  (which ended up to be a yummy pork loin with rosemary and apple compote, cornbread, and roasted potatoes) and drink. Yes, including rum. All in the name of research!

Jessie: I took two of my kids to the Lego Movie. It was really well done and a delightful experience to share with my boys. Both of them are starting to outgrow many of their childhood favorites but the love of Legos remains and made the movie even more of a pleasure.

Edith: SO many fond memories of Legos with my boys.

Barb: My high point of the week? Do you have to ask?

Sherry: Viola is so adorable and she looks like you, Barb. I had lunch with a friend that I really love. She’s always so upbeat and energized — one of those people that makes the world a better place.

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