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Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the photograph below:

Edith: I TOLD him not to drop the damn laptop case. Those innocent little cherry blossoms were about to be blown right back to Tokyo.

Jessie: Miles took one look at the beauty all around him and dropped everything to start a new life as a park ranger.

Barb: “I’ve told you officer. He walks our daughter to kindergarten every morning through the park. When the school called asking why she was absent, I rang his office. He never arrived. I ran out here and this is all I found.”

Julie: The Wicked Witch was out of ideas, until she saw the cherry blossoms dropping along the path. Dorothy would never guess that this was poppies 2.0. Serves her right. A lawyer? She goes back to Kansas to become a lawyer? Really? “I’ll get you, my pretty,” she said. “And your little Filofax too.”

Sherry: If he loved me as much as he loved the laptop, I might not have started tossing things out the window.

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