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Wicked Wednesdays — Our Worst Hair-dos

Okay, Wickeds pull out those photo albums. Whose mom cut their bangs too short? Who had big hair in the 80’s or bad perms? Mohawks? Anyone had the same hairstyle forevah? Feel free to share more than one.

Edith: Ha! Talk about short bangs. Here am I about age three or four.

I rather liked my hair during high school, even though I slept with 3-inch diameter plastic rollers, my pillow tucked underneath them. But then there was the summer during college when I was a nanny at the beach for a month in 1973. I cut my hair, which had been below my shoulders for years, to what I thought would be an easy short cut. Disaster! Had to start pinning the bangs to the side so they could grow out. Argh. Good thing hair grows… It got long again, but for the last twenty years I’ve pretty much had the exact same hairstyle.

The unfortunate hairdo with, L-to-R, my cousin Paul, my aunt Jo, and my cousin Andy. A couple of pairs of unfortunate pants, too!

Jessie: During the summer between second and third grade my mother cut my little sister’s long hair to shoulder length and she looked adorable. She looked so nice I wanted my mother to cut mine too. My mother, wisely, refused saying my hair was nothing like my sister’s and it would not look the same. Not being one to take no for an answer I kept asking until I drove her crazy and she chopped it off. It looked bad enough that there are no photos of me during that time period at all.  I’ve never worn shoulder length hair again.

Barb: I feel like I’m getting way with something because all my photos are up north, so you’ll never see the short do, or, thank goodness, the perm. Both mercifully short lived. My mother used to cut my bangs when I was young, too, and always, always too short as far as I was concerned. It was the focus of our most epic battles.

1983? C’mon, when are those glasses coming back?

Julie: My worst hairdo wasn’t my fault. It was a combo of the time, lack of product, and my hair itself. Back in high school and college my hair was crazy curly. (That is not a perm.) It was also the 80’s, which meant asymmetrical haircuts were the rage. Products weren’t what they are today. There were three choices, max. Hence, bad hair. But really good times.

Edith: Julie, are those six-inch long feather earrings? I kind of liked big glasses, too!

Sherry: If I ever say I want to cut off all my hair again please stop me. And what is with all the short bangs?

Readers: Tell us about your worst hair-do!

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