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Wicked Wednesday- Mid-Winter Travel Fantasy

Jessie: In NH where the state police have issued an arrest warrant for Punxsutawney Phil

I think of myself as a pretty hardy New Englander. Most winters I simply make soup more frequently and wear wool hand knit hats even when I’m in the house. But lately, this winter has been feeling like just about enough. This past Friday things had gotten so bad a pheasant showed up at my bird feeders. As much as I enjoyed the visit I felt unnerved by it as well. Had the woods simply disappeared under all the snow? Or had they been blown away with all the wind? Which got me to thinking about traveling somewhere, anywhere, that is warmer than here.

So Wickeds, are the rest of you entertaining mid-winter travel  fantasies of your own? If you could go anywhere right about now, where would it be?

Liz: Like Jessie, I’ve lived here all my life, so should be used to this. However, winter no longer holds any appeal to me. Short of moving for good, I’ll take winters elsewhere. Which got me thinking about Barb’s winters in Key West. I’d definitely disappear for January, February and March, and Key West has long been on my list to visit (I’ve never made it yet). The pictures she and Bill have been sharing are enticing me and have me thinking about a three-year plan to the same beautiful escape. Barb, would you mind having me for a neighbor for a few months? Regardless, I’d take anywhere warm and beachy right now.

Edith: Warm and beachy. That pretty much sums it up, Liz! Even though I don’t complain about New England winter, mostly, I would love to be somewhere warm and sunny right now. The last time we went to Costa Rica, we swam in the warm Pacific at Manuel Antonio wildlife preserve and hired a guide who showed us all kinds of wildlife we wouldn’t have see otherwise. Retiring to a sunset cocktail and a delicious seafood dinner afterwards was heaven. And guess what – no snow in sight!

Sherry: We haven’t had very much snow this winter in the DC area — in fact the five inches on Monday night is pretty much it (of course everything is shut down here because we got — gasp — FIVE inches of snow). But it’s been a very cold, very gray, very windy, winter. And my thoughts are turning more and more frequently to the Caribbean and exotic drinks. The pictures are from a few years ago on St. Thomas.

Barb: Liz, we would LOVE it if you were here. C’mon down. You and Lucy Burdette and I could have a regular lunch thing. (Or, even better a cocktails and sunset thing.) Until 1991, I had never taken a warm weather winter vacation. I didn’t even get it. The idea of finding the kids’ bathing suits and shorts exhausted me. But that year, my parents announced they were going to Key West for the month of February. Massachusetts has a public school vacation in February, so I more or less invited ourselves. The minute I got there, and I do mean the minute I got off the plane, I totally got the whole warm weather vacation thing. My parents had a small two-bedroom rental. The kids were on the floor in our room. Until a gecko was spotted, then my daughter Kate was in the bed with me and my husband Bill was on the floor! My parents kept coming, for longer and longer periods of time and eventually bought a house. We visited every year and now that they’re gone, Bill and I carry on the tradition.

The family at Southernmost Point in 2014

Jessie: The Azores. A few years ago NH Public Radio was offering a trip there as part of some sort of winter fundraising event. I have never gotten the notion of it out of my mind. The average winter temperature is 60 degrees and the summer comes in around 79 degrees. I could live there year round! The islands are known for unique flora and fauna and are an easy plane ride from Boston. What more could you ask for?

Julie: I just dream of not having to wear a dozen layers. And being able to walk without it being an obstacle course. Honestly, being warm and feeling the sun is the dream. Even for an hour or two.

Readers, are you longing for spring too? Where do you think about going to beat the February Doldrums?

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