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Contest winner Jacki Goes to Malice

We have so much fun running our “Stick With The Wickeds” contests and then taking our winner with us to conferences. This time we took Jacki York to Malice where we all had a blast!

Dinner with the Wickeds and author Laura Bradford.


Jacki helps stuff the goody bags for Malice Go Round!
Jacki meets attendee Elaine Naiman.
Jacki with blogger Dru Ann Love, Aimee Hix, and friends.
Jacki with Agatha nominee Lea Wait!
Jacki takes a break with Jessie Crockett. All that talking makes a girl thirsty.
Jacki has a fan girl moment with Rhys Bowen and Dorthy Cannell!
Donna Andrews is happy to meet fan Jacki!
Hank, Edith and Susannah hang with Jacki at the New Author’s Breakfast cheering Sherry on!
Jackie enjoys breakfast!
Kate Flora, Liz and Jessie take Jacki to the banquet!
The lovely Dorothy Cannell gets to meet Jacki!
Hallie Ephron and Lucy Burdette had a great time meeting Jacki.
Jacki at the Opening Ceremonies with Edith and Sherry.
Kiki the Lemur and Laura Morrigan do Malice Go Round with Jacki.
Sherry, Julie and Jacki enjoy a quiet moment together.
Jacki was honored to meet Cynthia Kuhn, Malice grant winner. Julie introduced them.
Jacki meets reader Jan Kurtz.
Jackie hangs with Guppies Debra Goldstein and Marilyn Levinson.






“I’m beat! I loved going to Malice, but tomorrow is the last day, right?”
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