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Opening Lines

Write an opening line for a story that includes this delightfully creepy image–contributed by author Kate Flora.

Jessie: Clara glared into the pond. When she had thrown Harvey’s weighted-down body in  a week earlier she felt sure she’d never have to think of her brother’s favorite phrase ever again. But Harvey had had the last laugh. You really couldn’t keep a good man down.

Julie: “You’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand,” she said. She lied. Even then she wouldn’t let go. Story of our life, and reason for her death.

Edith: Marge, having just graduated from what she privately called Detective School, thought, So that’s what a drowning victim’s hand looks like. But why is it still clinging to the rope? And where did its fingertips go?

Sherry: No one loved a good Halloween prank better than Bert but Midge guessed he wasn’t laughing now.

Barb: “It’s just an old glove,” Carol thought, rowing closer. “Protection for a fisherman’s hands is all.” Then she dipped the oar into the water to free it and…

How about you, readers? Give us your opening lines.

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