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Wicked Wednesday–Where Does the Time Go?

clockToday, we continue our celebration of Just Killing Time by Julianne Holmes by talking about…time. It seems like each of us has an individual relationship to it. I (Barb) often feel that a lot of the conflict in families has to do with everyone’s different sense of time. One person has an elaborate calendar and needs to know what she’s going to be doing six months from now, while another is completely spontaneous and isn’t willing to make commitments about tomorrow, much less six months from now.

What about you, Wickeds? Do you show up early, right on the dot, or fashionably late? What is your own peculiar relationship to time?

Barb: Can I say…it’s complicated? My husband and I have regular meetings where we sync our calendars and I have a pretty good idea, big picture, of what I’m doing and where I’ll be at least from now through the New Year. I have to-do lists and I love checking things off. However, it must be said, I feel like all those scaffolds are compensating for something. I need that frisson of panic to really focus on a task, particularly a writing task. It’s annoying and college-sophomorish, but given my age, I doubt it will change. This is why I always describe myself as an overachiever trapped in a procrastinator’s body.

Liz: I try to live by the Louise Hay affirmation that goes like this: There is plenty of time for everything I want to do today. Still, I find myself slipping into the panicked place of checking the clock every five minutes, convinced there will never be enough time to finish whatever book I’m working on, never mind all the other books I want to write. But since I do always manage to get everything done, I hope that it’s all just in my head.

Edith: I am chronically early for scheduled events. I hate arriving late, or even rushing to get there on time, so I usually allow way too much extra time and arrive early. But that’s fine, because I bring something to read or work on, or go for a walk, or find somewhere for a glass of wine. And I’m a scheduler. I really like knowing what’s going to happen way ahead of time, and I like planning for things. I keep lists and calendars and spreadsheets. That said, I’m happy to drop what I’m doing and go out for an impromptu dinner or walk on the beach, too. Call me!

Julie: Liz, I love that quote! I am wrestling with time a lot these days. I’ve come to realize that I can’t, in fact, do everything I need to do. I am also trying to schedule in “commute” “workout” etc. on the list. Like Barb, I also feel like a deadline is really helpful for me. Trying to break that habit as well, but it’s a hard one! Edith, I really need to get into the early habit. Hopefully owning my schedule a little more will help with that!

Sherry: I’m a contrast in styles when it comes to time. I hate being late to appointments, movies, or meetings. On the other hand I’m not much of a planner and tend to procrastinate. One of the questions authors are often asked is: Do you have a specific time you write? I don’t. Sometimes I write in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I’d like to be more organized time wise but…

Jessie: In a day-to-day way I’m like Edith; I’m almost always early for scheduled events. I bring a notebook, novel or some knitting and squeeze in a few moments of fun whilst waiting. I do keep a calendar synced between my phone and my home computer and I fill in a Daily Docket on paper each morning so the usual life stuff gets done. But, I like to look at time with a long view as well. Every Sunday morning I take about a half hour to write in my gratitude journal and to examine my long range goals. I structure my year around 12 week goal plans and break each one down into manageable bites on a weekly basis. That’s the only way I know to ensure the important doesn’t get shouldered out of my life by the urgent.

Readers: What’s your relationship with time? Are you a planner or not? Like to be early or are a relaxed somewhat-late arriver?

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