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Delving into History

Edith here, north of Boston and immersed in 1888. 

I thought I’d share a few of the posts I’ve done for the Midnight Ink Authors’ blog, where I’m up on the second Tuesday of every month. Midnight Ink is publishing the Quaker Midwife Mysteries so I keep my posts over there on the subject of 1888. 

Up today is a discussion of midwifery then and now.

Here’s one about various tidbits of research: police procedure, medicine, and language.

I also looked into carriages and other horse-drawn vehicles.

Names of characters are important, and I’ve found a few fun ways to ferret out what people were called in 1888.

And here’s one on how life was on the cusp of change in the period where I set the series.

Sorry this is brief. But I’m reading proofs of Delivering the Truth AND putting final polish on Breaking the Chain! Now back to it.

Readers: do we have any other history buffs out there? Geneology nuts (besides Sheila Connolly, of course)?

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