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Wicked Fun Resolutions — Did We Keep Them?

Last year we included something fun we wanted to do in 2015. Edith: I don’t know much about writing poetry, but I think it’s fun to try. I resolve to write a poem for each of my family member’s birthdays this year. And maybe for the Wickeds’ birthdays, too! Liz: I ordered P90X3 – so I’m going to complete the 90 days of the program (I worry about her concept of fun), Barb — I resolve to enjoy being in Maine more this summer. To take a trip to Monhegan and another to Bar Harbor and to spend some serious time at the Boothbay Harbor Historical Society (which will only partially be work), Julie: My goal is to keep up with a gratitude journal, Jessie: I want to learn some basics of Icelandic, and Sherry: I am going to learn to kayak this year.

So Wickeds did you keep your fun resolution or not? How about doing it differently this year?

Liz: Ha, funny you should mention workouts….No, I have to confess I didn’t. I slacked on my workouts in 2015. I certainly didn’t complete any one program, either. This year I’m going to take a different tactic – I’m going to resolve to move more, where it’s a walk on the green, a high impact Body Combat session, or Qi Gong. Putting all of those things together will be more balanced anyway, and will put less stress on myself.

Edith: Total fail! I don’t even remember writing that goal, that’s what a fail it was. Wait – only a ninety percent fail. This fall I wrote a seven-stanza limerick poem for Margaret Press, the mystery and true-crime writer (and past Al Blanchard Award winner) who has hosted my writers group for more than a decade. She’s retiring and moving to her native California to be closer to family. I read the poem aloud at our farewell

Margaret Press at far end

dinner – “There once was a writer from Salem…” – and Margaret was delighted. This year? I resolve to write poetry only as the spirit moves me. <snort>

Jessie: Já,ég gerði. Which means, yes, I did make some progress on my Icelandic goal. I downloaded a couple of apps on my phone, began listening to some YouTube videos on basics and signed up for and started lessons using Mango. It’s really fun and I like the way it stretches my brain differently than the other sorts of activities I try.

Barb: Yes and no. I did enjoy Maine more this summer. I did make it to the Boothbay Historical Society, partly to research the book I’m writing now and partly to do some research on our old house. I didn’t make it to Bar Harbor, but I did get as far as Castine, which is the next peninsula over. I did several library talks in Maine over the summer and found it a delightful way to explore the state. Didn’t make it to Monhegan. This year!

Sherry: I did go kayaking thanks to my friend Mary! As soon as she saw my fun resolution she invited me to kayak at her lake house. I went last June and, although I didn’t go very far, I gave it a try. I have an open invitation to go back and one of these days (well, when it warms up) I’ll take her up on it!

Julie: Beware writing goals on a blog! While I did actively practice gratitude, I did not keep up with the journal. Will try again this year. I’m tempted to try something I saw on Facebook–write down every great thing that happened, and then read them all on New Year’s Eve. I suspect I’d lose track of that my March at the latest. Sigh.

Readers: Did you make any fun resolutions that you kept?

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