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Wicked Wednesday — Creative Outlets

We obviously all love to write but is there any other way you express your creative self? Any hobbies you had in the past but gave up? Anything you’ve wanted to try but never found the time?

Liz: I love to color. Always have. As I got older, every now and then I’d buy one and pretend it wasn’t for me. Then I’d lock myself away for a good coloring session. Now that adult coloring books are all the rage, I don’t have to hide my habit anymore! I got a “Mindfulness” coloring book for Christmas, along with an awesome giant Christmas coloring and activity book. I colored a Christmas picture, and Finny thought I did a pretty good job.

Cheryl Hollon and Edith, as Poirot and Miss Fisher

Edith: I have always wanted to do community theater. I can be a little bit of a ham (cf. past Crime Bake banquets – yes, girls?), love costumes, and think acting on a local level would be great fun. I pictured doing theater in my retirement. But since retirement is nowhere in sight, I guess I’m putting that off. I also love sewing, and I do manage to sneak some of that in now and then. And of course I always have an organic vegetable garden in season. For the record, I secretly think the adult coloring thing is kind of ridiculous – but I’m glad it makes others happy, Liz and Julie!

Before- Back garden in Old Orchard Beach.
After- Back garden in Old Orchard Beach.

Jessie: I’ve mentioned many times how much I love to knit. It is probably my most reached for creative outlet besides writing but I do have a couple of others. I love to throw parties with themes. I plan everything to the theme from the inviations to the food. And I also love home and garden renovations. I love to take a house or a garden and change it from a before to an after.

Barb: I’ve mentioned that I’m a scrapbooker. I’ve been doing it less since I’ve had writing deadlines, because, honestly, I don’t need to spend more time sitting on my &*% telling stories. The elusive hobby that’s always out there for me, but I never commit to, is genealogy. I’m curious. I keep trying to fob it off on various cousins and second cousins, but no one is biting. I have a feeling it’s going to be me.

Sherry: I love photography! It seems to me that lots of writers like to take photos. I won an award years ago for a photo I took at sunset in Destin, Florida. It won an honorable mention in a nationwide contest sponsored by Strategic Air Command, so I always jokingly say that I’m an award winning photographer. The picture to the right is one of my favorites from this year. I took it at our friends’ ranch in California.

Julie: I love to color too. In fact, I gave all the adults in my life coloring books for Christmas. I also knit, used to cross stitch more than I do now. Honestly, my biggest creative outlet is enjoying the creativity of others these days. Enjoying a play or concert, going to a gallery or museum, perusing a craft fair. I am thinking about going to a Paint Nite with some friends soon. Who knows, maybe I’m a painter?

Readers: Do you have a favorite creative outlet?

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