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Opening Lines

The picture we are using this week is taken by avid reader, Lisa Philpott. I asked Lisa to tell us a little about this photo which she submitted to our Opening Lines photo contest last year.
Lisa said: I love taking pictures and that is one of my favorites! The picture was taken about 5 years ago when I was biking through the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  The specific spot wasn’t even a big tourist destination and I just kind of happened upon the scene when bike riding that day.  It was very clear that this girl and alligator were very comfortable with each other – but it made me nervous for sure!!!  It’s important to note, no children or gators were harmed in the taking of this photo!

Thanks, Lisa! Readers: Write an opening line for the photograph below:

Edith: They call the kid the Alligator Whisperer. I wonder if she can tame icy-eyed psychopaths as well as she does large-jawed beasts. Because we could use her.

Jessie: Mom, can we keep him? Please!

Barb: What big teeth you have, Grandma.

Liz: Can he sleep in bed with me like the dogs do?

Julie: Who knew they liked peanut butter and jelly?

Sherry: In the land of Oogachucka alligators protected the weak and small children never lived in fear.

Readers: Add yours!

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