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Wicked Wednesday: Labor Day Resolutions

There’s something about Labor Day. All those years of school make it seem like another clean start, another New Year’s if you will. So Wickeds, how are you doing on your goals this year? Are you adding any new ones, or doubling down on previous ones now that Labor Day looms?

From Wikimedia Commons: “Septembre est illustre par les vendanges.” (September is illustrated with the harvest.)

Edith:  Well, since I never cleaned my office this summer, that’s one ongoing goal (but I’d rather be harvesting grapes). I do have an entire new book to write before the snow flies – Country Store #4 – so I’m just going to continue on my three-books-a-year goal until it’s done. It’ll be a busy fall, but a good one.

Liz: I’m planning to regroup over the next week and set serious writing goals for the rest of the year. That includes writing a full draft of book six by the end of December, editing the first book in the new series that finally seems to be moving toward publication, and also reworking a draft of another project that’s been lingering on the shelf way too long. Also have to figure out a launch plan for book five, out right after Christmas. I guess it will be a busy fall here too!

Julie: I think of September as New Years. I use an academic planner, and since I teach and work in theater (where summer seasons are ending and regular seasons are kicking off) I consider September my new start. How am I doing on goals? Time for a reset on some of them. Time to double down on others that have become more important–like getting enough sleep. I hate summer being over, but do love the reboot of September!

Sherry: I’m not a huge goal setter but being an author has forced me to be more organized. I’m writing I Know What You Bid Last Summer and hope to have the first draft done by November 1st. It means I have to write 1000 every day which has been my current pace. However, Bouchercon and other life events will mess with that plan so I need to up the number of words.

Barb: I’m on the same schedule you are Sherry–and very close to Liz’s. Would love to have a first draft completed sometime in November, definitely by December 1. In the past, I have found December to be a pretty disastrously bad month for writing. I’ve had real time off this summer and done a lot of touristy things (i.e. research–ha, ha, ha), so come Labor Day, I’ve really got to buckle down. (But first comes this big party in New Orleans.)

Jessie: I still have kids in school so the end of summer is all about fresh starts and new energy. I’ve been working on my goals all year and am fairly pleased with my progress but I always look forward to buckling down in September and making a final push through the last third of the year to see them to completion.

What about you, dear readers. Any Labor Day resolutions?


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