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Wicked Wednesday: Hearing Voices

We’re all so delighted for Jessica Estevao’s (that is, our own Jessie Crockett’s) debut ofWhispersBeyond_Fix a new mystery series. Whispers Beyond the Veil is historical, a little paranormal, and a splendid can’t-put-it-down read.

Ruby Proulx, the smart, strong protagonist, sometimes hears a voice in her head that gives her good counsel, and she learns to trust it – mostly. Wickeds – have you experienced messages of any kind that you can’t explain? Voices, knocks on the wall, apparitions, a whiff of perfume, whispers beyond the veil? Intuition is a kind of message, no matter what its origin, so that counts too.  Please share!

Liz: Of course, my story is animal related. One of my rescue cats died unexpectedly not long after moving to Connecticut, and I was heartbroken. The next morning, there was a whole bed of little flowers outside my window that hadn’t been there the day before, and they were gone the next day. I know Jordy sent them to let us know he was okay. It made me feel a whole lot better, and reinforced my belief that we do get messages from the other side.

Edith: In the year before my father died in 1985 (I adored him, and he was a year younger than I am now, so he was way too young to leave us), I had read a book suggesting a fifth dimension parallel to ours, where departed spirits live – or something like that. The author said a ringing in the ear might be a communication from one of them. After we lost Daddy, the next time I got such an ear ringing I stopped and paid attention. I don’t really know if it’s him or not, but to this day I pause and consider what he would say about my life at the moment. It makes me smile and keeps his memory fresh in my mind and heart.

Julie: I have, many times. My grandmother is a frequent visitor. One example, last year my sister and I were nostalgically walking around Alton Bay in New Hampshire, thinking about her. We’d just paid a visit to the site of their summer cottage, only to find that the owners had torn it down. We were a little heartbroken, but then heard an organ player at the craft fair. A couple of moments later he started to play one of her favorite songs. Gramma was telling us it was alright, we still had the memories. I’ve also had very vivid dreams of friends who’ve passed, letting me know they were all right.

Barb: Like all Victorian B&Bs in all harbor towns the world over, our house in Boothbay has a ghost. She’s a young woman who lives in room #2. I have never seen her. Some guests have seen her, but the only person I know who has was my husband’s late aunt, and she was a total loon. A lovely woman, but a loon nonetheless, and not only because, or even because, of the ghost thing. I will say that one night my husband and I stayed in room #2 with our cocker spaniel Mackenzie and he whined and panted and wouldn’t so much as lie down all night. Finally, in desperation we let him out into the hallway where he went immediately to sleep. I still say there were squirrels in the walls, but…

Sherry: Two incidents come to mind. About ten years ago we were on a steep escalator descending down to the Metro. My daughter asked for her phone which she’d stuck in my purse earlier. I told her no that it wasn’t safe to text on an escalator. Seconds later the escalator came to a jarring halt. It threw a woman in front of us down several steps and we scrambled to make sure she was okay. She was except for some minor bruises. I’ve always wondered if it was just me doing risk assessments or something else. Another time a friend and I went to a movie. On the way home we were stopped at light under an overpass. We took to reminiscing about our time living in LA and how we didn’t like to stop under overpasses there because of earthquakes. I hadn’t been home fifteen minutes when one of the rare Virginia earthquakes hit.

Jessie: Ruby hears a clear voice directly in her ear because I have been fortunate enough to have had a similar experience.

When I was sixteen, and a newly licensed driver, my parents asked me to take my younger sister to a middle school dance. On the way home I heard a soft voice in my ear urging me to turn into the nearest of the two driveways leading up to my house. Since it was one I had never before used because it was inconvenient, I ignored it. As the driveway grew closer I heard the voice again but much more distinctly. This time it was a command. I remember thinking how weird it was and decided to follow the advice. I turned in and almost immediately saw an oncoming car abruptly swerve into the yard opposite my own and slam into a tree. I went into the house in a bit of a daze and told my parents I thought there had been a car accident.

My father went to the end of the second driveway, the one I usually used, and found fresh skid marks in my lane. Apparently, the car that swerved and I narrowly missed a head-on collision. The phone began ringing off the hook. The pastor of the church, the woman whose children I babysat and a friend’s mother all called, one after another, to say they had a strange feeling I had been hurt and to ask if I was okay. We assured them I was fine. Unfortunately, the college kids in the other car who were driving drunk all were killed by the collision.

Readers: Tell us of your messages, your mystical experiences.




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