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Opening Lines: New Orleans Style

Note: At Bouchercon? Join us at noon today near the lobby Starbucks for the Big Cozy Meetup!

It’s Opening Lines day. Add your opening line! Today’s pick:

Sherry: I felt guilty about taking all his money as he gently snored, so I put a few dollars back before I ran.

Edith: Great. He’d fallen asleep reading MY manuscript, and you wouldn’t believe the sway this guy has in the New York publishing houses. I stuck my last Benjamin in the jar and kicked his shin to wake him up before I slunk away to watch from behind the potted sweetbay magnolia.

Liz: Sweet – the potion the voodoo lady told me about worked. Now the guard was asleep and I could get on with the rest of my plan.

Jessie: Here’s a tip: that guys’s not asleep.

Julie: Only one way to get 7 hours of sleep when you work three jobs. Naps. Lots of naps.

Barb: “And on your left,” the tour guide’s voice came over the sound system, “you’ll see the town of…wait..don’t do that! Get away! HELLLLP!” I rushed toward his booth, but it was too late. Now he was truly…an unreliable narrator.

Readers: Add yours!


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