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Wicked Wednesday — Grateful To Our Readers


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We all have a lot of things to be grateful and near the top of the list is our readers. So, Wickeds share a story of an interaction with a reader, be it a note, something that happened face to face, or something via social media that made you smile.

Edith: Here’s my most recent interaction, and one that makes the druge part of writing all worthwhile. On Saturday I was one of twenty authors at the second annual Ipswich Authors Fair. I had my book, bookmarks, newsletter signup sheet, and a pocket full of cough drops. One woman came up, introduced herself, shook hands heartily, and said she’d read all my series. ALL of them? I asked, gestured at the lineup of four series. “Yes! I love your mysteries.” She was so enthusiastic, and so excited to meet me in person, she totally made my day. And if I can add one more, briefly: another fan wrote me an email saying she brought my book to the hospital to get her through a week of recovery after surgery and reading my story helped her through it. That note made my day in a different way.

Liz: I love when I meet readers who want to share stories about their pets with me. Since animals are a huge part of my books, it’s so nice to connect with readers who also feel those soul connections with animals. Often people come up to show me pictures of their cats or dogs, or share a funny story. And when Shaggy comes to events with me, it’s even better. She’s the real star. People love to meet her – she makes everyone smile. I’ve had many readers say to me that my animals, either in person or on my Facebook page, make them happy. And it makes me feel good to share that with people.

Barb: I love the mail I get from readers. Here’s a part of a note about the third book in the Maine Clambake series, Musseled Out.

I read page 289 my eyes filled with tears, there was something personal and special on that page. Six years ago we lost my dad to cancer. I was a total “daddy’s girl” and loved the fact that my father loved taking these trips to Boothbay Harbor. My dad’s name was Bruce and I grew up in…Paris, Maine! So you can imagine how it took my breath away! In a very selfish way, I feel like you wrote the book just for me!

I actually wrote the scene she’s referring to for someone quite different– a man named Bruce whose apartment my husband I were lucky enough to stay in in Paris, France. I had heard through the grapevine that this Bruce was justifiably proud of his lobster eating skills. I’d always wanted to describe how to eat a lobster in one of the books, so away I went. The fact that it spoke so personally to this reader is the happiest of coincidences…and the magic of reading. Dear readers, we love to hear from you!

Jessie: I am so grateful to hear from readers who either live in New England or have moved away who tell me how much my books and the characters feel like home to them. Hearing from readers always makes my week. I still can’t believe I get to connect with people this way! Truly, it is a dream come true!

Julie: A reader wrote me the nicest Facebook message. She loved Clock and Dagger, and then went on to give specific examples of why. It made my day, and I told her so. Honestly, every time someone says they read the book, or leaves a review, I get really misty.

Sherry: I’m always amazed when someone takes time out of their busy lives to attend an event I’m at or takes the time to write a note. A young woman with a toddler drove from DC out to Fairfax to come meet me — if you know anything about the traffic in this area you know this was a big deal!

Readers: What has someone done that has made your day?




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