Opening Lines

Here’s our opening lines–rotten vacation edition.

(photo by Bill Carito)

Sherry: He always complained that I was too literal. I’m sure he regretted telling me he was dying to get into the vacation club.

Liz: Jeez, that was a long line…

Barb: “You’re in luck, sir. A room has just opened up.”

Julie: She arrived in what could only be described as hell for workaholics, and died trying to relax.

Edith: I said I’d win the damn bowling tournament or die trying.

Jessie: Our resort is so popular that some of our guests will do just about anything not to have to leave.

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30 Thoughts

  1. When I asked my brother to hold a place in line, I didn’t think it would take so long to find a parking space.

  2. Oh great a scavenger hunt, in order to get a room we need to find the missing piece of the skeletons leg.

  3. Perhaps it was the chilly December wind snatching at the ends of her plaid scarf that accounted for her failure to notice the man in the shadows of the huge portico.
    [new series, work in progress]

  4. There’s a reason I seldom go on vacation, and looking at the entrance to the club Ron had invited me to reminded me of that reason.

  5. Most vacation clubs cost an arm and a leg. I jumped at joining this one because it looked like it was cheaper. When I pulled up, I realized it might cost me more.

  6. “Dear Barb, The weather is great but the food is awful. Haven’t eaten a thing since I got here. By the time you pick me up Thursday, I’ll be just skin and bones. Love, Carol

  7. Excuse me, we just found a burning cigarette and a half-eaten brownie in our room. AFTER it was cleaned. (True story, BTW. Check your accomodations carefully if you go to New Orleans for JazzFest or Mardi Gras.)

  8. Ach, another vacation shot to hell. I’m beginning to feel like the protagonist in a cozy murder mystery.

  9. I had a sense my closet was a bit roomier! We all have em!

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