Wicked Wednesday: Our 2018 Books!

Wicked Wednesday!We Wickeds were busy in 2017, and 2018 will be proof of that. Friends, what books under which names will be released when?

Liz: Cate Conte’s second Cat Cafe Mystery, Purrder, She Wrote, will be out next August. The 7th Pawsitively Organic Mystery, Murder, She Meowed, will be out next fall/winter sometime – no pub date yet!

Sherry: I Know What You Bid Last Summer the fifth Sarah Winston Garage Sale mystery releases on February 27th! And I think The Gun Also Rises (book six) will come out at the end of December. Like Liz, I’m waiting to hear for sure.

Barb: Yule Log Murder, the holiday novella collection by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and me comes out October 30, 2018. Steamed Open, the seventh Maine Clambake Mystery, comes out December 25, 2018.

Edith: Biscuits and Slashed Browns, Country Store Mystery #4, comes out in six days (written as Maddie Day)! The third Quaker Midwife Mystery, Turning the Tide, releases on April 8, followed shortly by my short story, “A Divination of Death” in Mystery Most Geographical, the Malice Domestic anthology which releases at Malice at the end of April. Mulch Ado About Murder, Local Foods Mystery #5, comes out in paperback June 26. And Death Over Easy, Country Store Mystery #5 (also written as Maddie Day), will be out at the end of July. Yes, it’s a busy year for me.

Jessie: I am looking forward to the release of the paperback version of Murder in an English Village in August. The second Beryl and Edwina Mystery, Murder Flies the Coop, launches a month later, at the end of September. And, I have plans to finally make the second Granite State Mystery, Body of Water, available. Look for it between June and August!

Julie: In 2018 I will have one book coming out–the next in my Theater Cop series, With A Kiss I Die. It will come out on September 8.  Can’t wait for you all to read Sully’s next adventure!

Writer friends, tell us about your 2018 books! Reader friends, any 2018 titles you’re particularly looking forward to?

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  1. I’m hurrying to make room in my TBR! I’m hard at work on SANCTUARY CITY the third in the Catherine Swope series. Publication date TBD late fall/early winter.

  2. It Takes a Coven releases February 27 and Bells, Spells and Murders will be out in Ocrober, both in the Witch City Mystery series.(Kensington) Working now on Book#8 in the series, as yet untitled.

  3. Just reading “Called To Justice” to add to nominations for Best Historical Agatha list. Love the part where Rose and David discuss the new invention of the telephone! Great historical research, Edith!

  4. What a list! Go, Wickeds. 🙂

    MARDI GRAS MURDER, my 4th Cajun Country Mystery, comes out October 10th. I’m really excited because it revolves around so many things specific to the region. The Courir de Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras Run), a gumbo contest, a pageant, and the Louisiana Orphan Train. This was a revelation to me. I’d always heard of the Orphan Train that ran from NY out west, but I had no idea there was one that ran to Cajun Country until 1929. And I LOVE the cover! May be my favorite yet. Look for a reveal at Dru’s Musings on April 8th.

  5. Just finished Color Me Murder, by Krista Davis, which was fantastic. Next on the TBR list is Sherry Harris’ book that comes out in Feb. Already read Biscuits and Slashed Browns and it was awesome, as usual. Excited for the new Pawsitively Organic mystery also!

  6. My goodness, you ladies are busy. I feel like a slacker. ROOT OF ALL EVIL, the first of my Laurel Highlands Mysteries, releases August 21, 2018. I’m waiting on news of a couple short stories.

  7. So happy to see many of my favorite authors coming out with new books this year. Jessie, I really look forward to the 2nd Granite State Mystery and hope there will be more. I thought perhaps you had abandoned that series and I’m glad you haven’t! All of you, congratulations, can’t wait!

  8. I am not prepared to share my book yet. too many squirrels running around in my head trying to decide on a title. I will say one thing however. I have been reading the works of all of my favorite authors not realizing you were all wicked cozies. But ladies, if you continue to introduce me to more of your wonderful books, because I am totally addicted, my series will take forever. You are all such an inspiration to me.

  9. Keep writing Wickeds and friends, I am reading as fast as I can!
    And, thank you for the 2018 books on their way.

  10. I’m looking forward to continuing on with Sarah Winston (Sherry Harris) and more Maine clambakes (Barb Ross)! Love these series! I didn’t know Edith had a series about midwives, and as a postpartum nurse, this sounds intriguing!
    Thanks ladies for all of your hard work in keeping our bookshelves and nightstands full of great books to read.

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