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Those Crazy National Days

Jane/Susannah/Sadie here, looking forward to two fun weekends in a row–Memorial Day with family, and a writing retreat next weekend with seven friends, where at least eight new books will be plotted…

These National (fill in the blank) Days are fun, aren’t they? I’m not sure who comes up with these things, but I am proposing National Cozy Mystery Day! Until that’s a thing, here’s what’s what for today, May 24, according to National Day Calendar:

National Brother’s Day: Okay, I’ve got one brother, and today’s as good a day as any to tell him he’s still a pain in the butt. Rob, Happy Brother’s Day!

National Wyoming Day: I’ve never been, but I’d like to go someday. It looks like a beautiful, wide-open place. Have you been?

National Scavenger Hunt Day: Well, what’s more fun than that? OK, everyone, staying within the confines of your house, find the following: a book by one of the Wickeds; a coin that is somewhere it shouldn’t be; and something in your fridge that you forgot you had. Post your results in the comments, if you’re so inclined.

National Escargot Day: I LOVE escargot, properly prepared (which is to say, “prepared by someone else”) with lots of garlic and wine. Do you love it, hate it, or would never try it in a squillion years? Super bonus points if you have some in your fridge you forgot about (see National Scavenger Hunt Day, above).

And finally, Red Nose Day. I am NOT buying one of those silly clown noses, but I do appreciate the cause of reducing child poverty. So I’ll send a few bucks here. You know that spare coin you found on the scavenger hunt? Why not send it and a couple of its brothers to the cause of your choice today?

So, Wicked People, I’m kind of serious about proposing National Cozy Mystery Day. What day do you think it should be? Agatha Christie’s birthday (September 15)? The day the first episode of Murder, She Wrote aired (September 30)? Any other ideas?

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!




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