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Wicked Wednesday – Books to Movies

Writers often cringe when they hear their favorite book is being made into a movie (Tom Cruise as Reacher, anyone?), but there are the occasional books-turned-movies that surprise us and are actually awesome. And of course, as writers, we all dream of having our books turned into a movie! So Wickeds, tell us which of your books you’d like to see made into a movie.

Edith: Because of the popularity of “Call the Midwife” people are always telling me my Quaker Midwife Mysteries should be made into a television series. I agree! But I wouldn’t argue with any of Delivering the Truth, Called to Justice, or Turning the Tide being turned into a movie, of course. And I think they would translate well to the big screen. Just don’t ask me who should play Rose Carroll. I have no idea.

Liz: I could totally see the fourth book in my Pawsitively Organic series, Murder Most Finicky, becoming a movie. The book was a blast to write, mostly because it starred a lot of unruly chefs of the reality TV ilk, and I believe they would translate well on screen. Also the book was the only one in which Stan ventured out of Frog Ledge. It’s set in scenic Newport, Rhode Island, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Sherry: I have to pick just one? Sadly, since Hallmark already has a garage sale mystery movies, the chance of mine being made into movies is unlikely. However, a girl can dream. And from what I understand the Hallmark series is set in an antique shop instead of someone like Sarah actually running garage sales. So, okay, if I have to pick I would choose my upcoming The Gun Also Rises. I love that the crime is based on the disappearance of Hemingway manuscripts in 1922. There is also this fanatical (fictional) group called The League of Literary Treasure Hunters who create havoc in Ellington. I think all of it would make for a great movie.

Barb: I’m not dreaming of a movie, but I would love a British-style police procedural series made about Police Chief Ruth Murphy, the protagonist in my first published mystery, The Death of an Ambitious Woman. I say this because that’s the kind of show I love to watch.

Julie: A Christmas Peril would be a most excellent television series. Maybe a six episode Netflix series. It has the holiday hook, amateur sleuth, and great cast of characters. The second in the series, which is coming out next April, would be a great second season. Just saying.

Readers, do you have a favorite book-turned-movie? Leave a comment below.

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