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Kim, in Baltimore, wearing shorts and a blanket!


I begin everyday with a cup of coffee. Not a dainty cup and saucer kind of cup, a mug nearly big enough that it could be a bowl for a Saint Bernard.  The years I taught school I could count on receiving many mugs from my students, each one with the word Teacher painted on it. My coffee consumption is legendary. I drink “cop coffee,” that is to say I drink it black. When my dad lived with me for a few years, he and I could put away at least three pots of coffee a day. We were serious about our favorite beverage.

Fortunately for me, I am in a profession, as my dad was, that is also known for it’s addiction… oh, I mean love…of coffee. All writers and coffee drinkers need a place where they can go to worship. We all need a coffee shop.

I am fortunate to have a few lovely shops in my area where I can write or socialize while sipping a piping hot espresso. Zeke’s is my number one go-to spot. It’s owned by Thomas Rhodes. There are plenty of tables and electrical outlets to use for writing and everyone there is respectful of you when you’re working.

The Red Canoe, which is only a few blocks from Zeke’s, is another favorite. Josie Rhodes and Tina Perry are the proprietors. This café is also a children’s bookstore and has many events for readers of all ages. The Red Canoe has a special place in my heart because it where I began my serious writing career. After dropping my children at school, I would spend my morning – and sometimes all day –  in this lovely little shop writing.

When I have meeting on the other side of town I like going to Bonjour. I cannot resist their macaroons! The space is small but inviting and the aroma of the bake goods is mouth-watering.

Last month I read a book called The Enchanted Garden Café by Abigail Drake. The book was wonderful and I truly wished this café was in my neighborhood. See, when I’m not drinking coffee, I need to read about it!

Everyone should have a coffee shop whether you are a writer or not. We all need a place to feel welcomed and comforted, a place where we can come together with others who enjoy the best start to everyday…coffee.


Dear Readers, do you have a favorite spot in your city or town where you feel welcomed and comforted?


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