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Wicked Wednesday: Thank You to Our Life Mentors

Hi Wickeds. In the past, we’ve said thank you to some of our writing mentors. But what about life in general? Is there someone who had an influence on your life, who either gave you great advice or modeled how to be in the world or supported you at a time when you really needed it that you’d like to say something about? Let us know below.

Julie: The universe supplies me with the teachers I need as I need them. Every one of the Wickeds has acted as a mentor at one point or another. My friend Susan Able has lifted me up.  I’ve got a business coach, Sue Zimmerman, who is mentoring me as I start my online business school for performing artists. I’ve had wonderful mentors, and have tried to be a good mentor to others.

Liz: Like Julie, the Wickeds have all played that part for me at some point. My dear friend Dacia Jackson, who sadly passed away last week, was another incredible influence in my life. She was someone who loved people unconditionally. No matter the situation, she always had the wisest words and most insightful ways of looking at life.

Barb: When I was in my late twenties and early thirties, learning to be a manager and a mom at the same time, my early mentors were my female colleagues at Information Mapping, especially Kathy Schiff and Nancy Fohl. Kathy taught me so much about managing people with humor and generosity in a way that made them productive and therefore happy at work. Nancy’s kids were older than mine and she was a constant source of hard-won wisdom about parenting and work. I am forever grateful.

Sherry: I can’t mention just one person. I’ve been so lucky to have so many girlfriends that provided support through the ups and downs of life. With all the moves as an adult there always seemed to be the right women there when I needed them. Thanks to all of you!

Edith: I’ve only known my 86-year-old friend Annie for about fifteen years, after she and her third husband became regulars at Quaker Meeting. Annie has gotten more frail over the years (and has lost her dear Richard, whom I also adored), but she continues to inspire me to be an activist, speak my mind, work on staying strong, and age graciously. If she can do it,  I surely can.


Readers, do you have a life mentor who was a help to you? Leave a comment for a chance to win an ARC of Julia Henry’s new book, Pruning the Dead!

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