Opening Line – Blizzard Edition

Edith here, thankful to not be in a blizzard! Add your opening line for the following picture. As our penultimate thankfulness giveaway for the month, I’ll send one commenter a signed hardcover of Farmed and Dangerous – which features a scary blizzard scene.



Here’s mine: Rats. I’d hoped the snow would cover the body in the back of the truck. No such luck.

Readers, add your opening line in the comments to win a copy of Farmed and Dangerous.

66 Thoughts

  1. The snow was coming down so fast that I couldn’t find the body when I went back to move it.

  2. How did you get a picture of my old house? I sold it for a reason. I didn’t want anyone to know where the bodies are buried and there was no way anyone could find them under all that snow.

  3. The snow fell all night, covering everything in a heavy blanket of white. I could barely see the fence, the truck, the bushes, but I could clearly see the hand sticking out of the snow.

  4. The blanket of snow made it harder to dispose of the bloody body and that’s when he came up with the idea of hiding it in a snowman for now.

  5. I hadn’t expected the snow when I locked her out. Would anyone believe me that it was an accident and not murder?

  6. Elaine began to panic as the pounding of Max’s feet inside the trunk grew louder and more desperate. Then she began to laugh hysterically as she realized they were both panicking. Fearful that someone would notice her behavior and start asking her questions she couldn’t answer, she pulled off the thoroughfare, onto a side street and into the driveway of a house she fervently prayed was deserted, at least for long enough for her to collect herself. As she was about to turn off the engine, the motor died, and without even looking at the gauge, she knew she was out of gas.

  7. I wonder if it will snow enough for everyone to be trapped here and make a great setting for a murder mystery.

    I’ve already read the book and loved it!!

  8. She cowered in the dark house, covered with blankets, hoping the blizzard would keep her safe from whoever had chased her all day.

  9. It was just my like that there would be a fresh snow fall! I had to keep moving… because he would be able to follow my tracks.

  10. Oh, no, the ten foot tall abominable snowman melted (shape shifted?) and is trying to get in my window! (The floodlight will help him to see to get in.)

  11. I looked out the window to see James, my great dane, pulling a naked body out of a snow bank. How am I going to get that dog back into the house without his great find?

  12. How did the sugar bowl get dumped? But wait is that a hand holding a sugar scoop I see sticking out of the mound?

  13. The snow was falling thick and fast. I knew the body would be frozen solid by morning.

  14. When I came too, I looked out the window and realized that I wasn’t in Florida anymore!

  15. Looking out at the blizzard, I had never been so thankful – he can’t get to me in this weather. Tomorrow is another story.

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