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Wicked Triple Release Week!

It’s a big week for the Wickeds – a triple release week! Sherry Harris’s The Gun Also Rises, Julia Henry’s first in a brand new series, Pruning the Dead, and Liz Mugavero’s Murder She Meowed are all out in the world – finally!

We’ve got two long-running series and one brand new one. What do you like best about each?

Edith: I’m thrilled to have three new Wicked books to read! I haven’t read Julie’s yet, but I already love the premise of the group of older sleuths and can’t wait to get to know them. In the Pawsitively series, I really like the core cast of characters and how Stan’s family has all followed her to the small town. And in Sherry’s series, she does such a great job integrating Sarah’s life in the town with her friends and crimes that happen on the military base. Congratulations, my dear friends!

Julie: One of the things I love about series is that each book lets you revisit friends. I am thrilled that I get to visit with Stan Connor and Sarah Winston. I also love the premise of the new books, and can’t wait to read them!

Sherry: Julie, I’m so excited for your new series. I read the first fifty pages while you were working on it and fell in love with Lilly right off the bat. Liz, I always love being in Frog’s Leap and to tell you the truth I’m more than a little in love with Jake. Watch out, Stan.

Barb: What an exciting day here at the Wickeds! Congratulations to Julie, Sherry & Liz. I cannot wait to dig into these new releases.

Jessie: Books are created out of the depths of the writers and presented through their lens on the world and via their voice. Reading my friends’ work is like getting to spend time with each of them in a unique way. Thanks ladies!


Readers, let us know in the comments!

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