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Opening Lines

Write an opening line for this photograph (used with permission from New England Sister in Crime Sharon Daynard).

photo by Sharon Daynard

Edith: Well, damn! So that’s where I dropped the gun last fall after NRA-Billy met his unfortunate (but necessary) demise. Too bad I ran across it on my first date with pacifist Joey…

Julie: The final snow melt of the season always brought unexpected surprises. This, however, was a little unusual. Though it did help explain Margaret’s boyfriend’s disappearance.

Sherry: Planting the guns around this joke of a town was easy. The frenzied aftermath provided the distraction I needed to carry out my plan.

Jessie: While all the others on the playground worried about the rising local crime rates, Sarah wondered how much the antique gun would go for at auction.

Barb: Jacob stopped and leaned against his rake. His pulse raced and a feeling of euphoria rose in his chest. The tale he’d told himself since childhood must have been true. He wasn’t crazy after all.

Liz: Of all the things to fall out of my oversized purse when I was looking for a tissue, it had to be the murder weapon. And in front of the town’s nosiest neighbor, too.

Readers: Contribute your opening line in the comments!

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