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Judge Thee Not Releases!

Edith here, so happy that Quaker Midwife Mystery #5 is now in the hands of readers!

Here’s the blurb: No stranger to judgmental attitudes in her small town, 1880s Quaker midwife Rose Carroll is nonetheless stunned when society matron Mayme Settle publicly snubs Rose’s good friend Bertie for her nontraditional ways. When Mrs. Settle is later found murdered—and a supposed witness insists Bertie was spotted near the scene of the crime—the police blame her. Rose is certain her friend is innocent, and she enlists the help of a blind pregnant client—who’s endured her own share of prejudice—to help her sift through the clues. As the two uncover a slew of suspects tied to financial intrigues, illicit love, and an age-old grudge over perceived wrongs, circumstantial evidence looms large in small minds, and Rose fears her friend will soon become the victim of a grave injustice—or worse. 

This is the first Rose Carroll book to come out since Midnight Ink – the previous publisher – folded, stranding me and so many other fabulous authors, including Wicked Julie. I’m really pleased with how Beyond the Page Publishing welcomed my series, gave it a good edit, and followed the look and feel of previous covers.

Those who follow this series know full well that postmistress Bertie is a lesbian, and she’s directly attacked for it in this book. Amesbury was filled with immigrants in the late 1800s, so we also see even recent immigrants like Irish police detective Kevin Donovan looking down his nose at the newer arrivals from places like Poland. Finally, you’ll read about attitudes of the era toward those with deafness or blindness. Pop over to the fabulous Jungle Red Writers blog today, in fact, and hear about my research on the blind and my role model for pregnant interpreter Jeanette Papka.

I’m glad I could address the issue of prejudice against the disabled, against immigrants, and against those whose sexual orientation is not that of the mainstream culture. Alas, these are still issues today.

Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of my nineteenth novel!

I’m just wrapping up the first draft of Quaker Midwife #6, and I am under contract for at least one more after that. I’ll happily send a signed copy of Judge Thee Not to one commenter here today (US only).

Readers: Share what you know about attitudes toward “the other” in the late nineteenth century. Or just say hi!

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