Cozy Capers Cover Reveal & #Giveaway!

Edith here, feeling a little like a truck hit me – but in a good way!

This has been a record-breaking year for me, bookwise. As of tomorrow, five books of mine will have been published since January.

In order of release starting clockwise from Murder on Cape Cod.

Whew. And now I won’t have a new book out until March, although Murder on Cape Cod goes to wide release on New Year’s Eve. All you Kindle readers and dedicated Amazon shoppers can finally dive in.

So I thought I’d show you the cover for my next mystery, which is book two in the Cozy Caper Book Group Mysteries.

Do you love the cover as much as I do? Here’s an early blurb:

It’s August, full season on Cape Cod, with plentiful sunshine and tourists alike. When Mac Almeida heads out for her early daily walk with her friend, she finds a horrified Gin staring at Beverly Ruchart, an imperious summer person, dead on the sidewalk in front of Gin’s candy shop, Salty Taffy’s.

Lots of people wanted Beverly gone. But when the police find the murder weapon in Gin’s garage, the Cozy Capers book group members put their heads together to clear Gin’s name and to figure out who killed the woman whom almost everyone disliked. Mac’s bike shop is vandalized one night, and when the killer later invades her tiny house to finish her off, Bella, Mac’s African Gray parrot, comes to the rescue.

Murder at the Taffy Shop will again be on a one-year exclusive at Barnes & Noble, and you can preorder yours now! Book three in the series (possibly titled Murder at the Lobstah Shack) is next up on my schedule to write, and it’ll take place in the fall.

To celebrate this banner year, I’ll give one lucky commenter the book of your choice from my 2019 selection.

Readers: What’s your good news, small or large?

120 Thoughts

  1. Congratulations, you are certainly having a terrific year!
    My good news is that I will be able to read Murder on Cape Cod soon! Fall on the Cape is a beautiful time of year.

  2. I love that cover – and I love the books of yours I have read – thanks for the chance to own one.

  3. I tjink I’m going to be reading a few of your books as I settle into my reafing chair.

  4. Elisabeth is our randomly selected winner. Elisabeth, please check your email for one from me. Congratulations, and I wish I had a book for everyone!

    1. Me, too, that you had a book for everyone, Edith! Glad to see this posting here as I was suspicious of the email subject line is “You One” . Thought that it might just be phishing. Thank you for the book, Christmas Cocoa Murder…needing a “little bit of Christmas”.

    2. Ok let’s attempt this again. … Love the book cover! My good news is that I get the cast off my right arm in a month!

  5. My good news is that I will be getting the cast on my right arm off in a month! Love the book cover!

  6. My good news that we did not get flooded during last storm that hit Houston. It was my birthday on September 19th and had a wonderful dinner with the family. Thanks for sharing books from some new others to me.

  7. I love the new cover, and I can’t wait until it comes out!! I really love your books! My good news – – life is just good. That’s good news! It’s not always easy, but it’s good!

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