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A Tale of Two Rescues, Part II

By Liz, picking up where I left off last month…

So. Where was I? I think we were just about to pick up Penny when I left off last month.

Of course, her name was Wizzy then, which I kept for a couple of months until the animal communicator told me it probably was contributing to her excitable personality. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I picked her up less than a week after I got Molly. I didn’t plan it that way, but the rescue was a little disorganized and she was on a transport before I even knew I was getting her. When I met her, she was as adorable as in her photos. Molly came with me and she was interested in her new friend – until “Wizzy” peed in the backseat on the way home (I wonder if that had anything to do with her name?). Then Molly came up front with me and decided she didn’t want to get so friendly yet.

Unfortunately, Penny’s entry was a little rocky. She had parasites and an upset tummy and was clearly not feeling well for the first week. Actually, if I’m honest, the first six months of Penny’s being home was a little rocky. She was a wild child, for sure. She played rough, she was hyper, she ate her food so fast I worried she’d have constant indigestion. She was also very jealous, and had violent, fearful reactions to seeing dogs outside on leash. A couple of times, she and Molly had real fights that scared me enough to prompt my engagement with a “lifetime” trainer.

The trainer helped, and having a real family who didn’t give up on her has helped even more. Her progress is more like baby steps than leaps and bounds. Compared to Molly, who is seriously the easiest dog (next to Shaggy), Penny can be challenging.

But she’s getting better, little by little. And one thing is for sure – she is one of the most loving dogs you’ll find. She’s cuddly and loves to snuggle and always has to be near me, or at least see me. She’s like my little shadow and follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. She loves getting and giving kisses.

As someone said to me recently, she just wants love – and she’ll give buckets of it in return. She still roughhouses with Molly and gets mad at other dogs in the building. She still eats really fast like she’s afraid she won’t get enough. She’s still super hyper.

But Molly and I love her, and she’s home.

Readers, share something you’ve found challenging but worth it in your life below!

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