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Wicked Boxing Day

We let Wicked Wednesday be quiet yesterday on Christmas (but seriously – didn’t you love the graphic?). Today is Boxing Day in England and former British Empire countries. So let’s riff on boxes. Do you or your characters observe Boxing Day? Do your cats love boxes? Do you have a series sold in a boxed set? Do you (or did you) have a music box? Have you ever put on boxing gloves and lit into a bag or a sparring partner? Extra credit for pictures. Go!

Edith/Maddie’s Birdy, the Country Store Mysteries cat.

Jessie: Since my Beryl and Edwina books are set in England most of my characters do celebrate Boxing Day. In my house, the 26th always feels more like unboxing day since we usually have a stack of them from the day before to either recycle or fold up for use another year!

Julie: Delia Greenway from my Garden Squad series loves boxes. She loves order, and creates order. Her work with the Goosebush Historical Society is all about records, boxes, what goes in them, and what should be in them and is missing. My cats are surprisingly uninterested in boxes, isn’t that odd? I thought sitting in boxes was part of being a cat.

Barb: We’re on the road to Key West, leaving our son’s house in Virginia today, so our car is FULL of boxes. But mostly I’m thinking of all the mail order ones that went out with the recycle while I was wrapping the presents.

Liz: I thought it would be fitting to post Snowy after she scaled a particularly tall box. This is funny because this 23-year-old gal is usually IN a box (seriously, there is a box at all times in my kitchen – it’s where she sleeps) but this particular day she was feeling energetic.

Edith/Maddie: Snowy rocks, Liz! I took a kick-boxing class about ten years ago at my local Y, and I loved it. One of the participants was older than I was and was totally fit. I remembered my karate stances and kicks from many years before. We had actual punching bags to use. What a way to blow off frustrations! And then…I guess I was overambitious, because I pretty much blew out my hamstring and had to hobble home. I haven’t boxed since and rely on cats in boxes for my boxing fix.

Sherry: In A Good Day to Buy a former cage fighter decides Sarah needs self-defense lessons which include boxing.  Let me just say that Sarah isn’t very good at it.

Readers: Tell us about boxes!



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