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A Valentine to Our Readers!

We’re going to make this reader appreciation day, and offer you all a valentine of appreciation.

Julie: Speaking for myself, I love meeting our blog readers in 3D. When I’m at an event or a conference, and folks come up and say hello it means the world. We have such a rich community of folks here at the Wickeds, and so appreciate the opportunity to say hello in person.

Edith/Maddie: I’m with Julie on that one. I also love getting comments here, plus emails or Facebook messages from readers who let me know how much you loved my story or what hard time it got you through. I’m as excited as you are that you spied my latest book in your local bookstore – and took the time to snap a photo and post it! Thank you for reading, thank you for hanging out with us on the blog, and thank you for sharing.

Sherry: When I started writing the Sarah series, I didn’t realize that readers would be as invested in the characters and their lives as I was. As Julie and Edith said meeting and hearing from readers is the very best part of being an author. All of you who take time to comment on the blog have become part of the Wicked family.

Barb: I love it when readers come in pairs (or more). I got an email this week that said, “My mother and my aunt love your books.” I hear often from mothers and daughters, spouses, sisters, and friends who share books back and forth and love discussing them. That’s the way it always was in my family. So keep reading, keep sharing and keep talking! We love you!

Liz: Ditto to all of the above, and also, I love that readers share their furbabies with me! With my books so heavily focused on animals, I like to share my own animals with readers and love that it’s a great way to establish relationships and get to know each other. Anyone who loves a furry friend is a keeper in my book! Thank you for reading and for being awesome pet parents!

Dear readers, you mean the world to us! Thank you for being part of this blog, for being part of our Facebook group, for subscribing to our newsletter, and for supporting us individually as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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