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Seven Up

We are celebrating seven years of blogging this month. Wickeds what are you doing to keep your spirits up? Is it anything different than you’ve done in the past?

Jessie: I’ve been working on a 100 Day Project of learning to sketch with pen and watercolors. It has been tremendous fun and I have derived so much joy from learning something new !

Edith/Maddie: I think I need to take up watercoloring. I’m not doing anything new, but I am watching more shows with Hugh and reading more, which is kind of a treat. And we played Farkle with our young friends (now 11 and 14) via Zoom last week, which was almost as fun as it is in person.

Liz: I wish I had time to take up something new! Trying to keep my head above water with the day job and my deadlines. I am taking more walks with the dogs as the weather gets nicer, which is lovely.

Julie: I’ve been busy teaching and helping folks learn Zoom and figure things out. I’ve also launched a new program to help people write their books, called Muse Mapping for Writers. Plus trying to learn my ukulele. Fascinated by Jessie’s lessons. I’d love to learn more.

Barb: I’ve been in book jail with Maine Clambake #9, Shucked Apart, so life hasn’t been too different from normal book jail. Our two “roommates,” my niece and her best friend, have been taking their college courses online. I’ve handed in the book and they’re just about finished with school, so I think change is in the air. I hope it coincides with the arrival of a late New England spring so we can all get outside more.

Sherry: I love the new things people are trying. I haven’t tried to learn anything new as yet. I have been doing more crossword puzzles. We’ve also been watching more documentaries than normal. There’s a series called Aerial America that is interesting. The one on Idaho was stunning! We also have Aerial Africa recorded to watch. They are on the Smithsonian Chanel — We also watched a show about super volcanoes that featured Yellowstone. Reading continues to be my escape.

Readers: What have you done that’s new to you or what do you continue to do?

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