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Jessie: In New Hampshire where it looks like it will be a white Christmas!

While I know this year has been strange and different on so many levels for almost everyone, one of the things that has been on my mind most has been traditions surrounding the holidays. For my family, the pandemic isn’t the only thing that is influencing everything. My kids are older. In fact, in a pandemic sort of wayt, we are kind on empty nesters. My youngest started college this fall and despite unexpected returns home by adult kids, we are living a bit differently in the day-to-day.

But we are also facing changes in traditons. The kids aren’t as interested in decorating or cookie baking. No one is excited to make ginngerbread houses. There are fewer gifts since the things they want are more expensive.

Which feels a bit empty and even a little sad. It also provides an opportunity to build new traditions. Except, I have no idea what they ought to be. We will decorate our tree this weekend as we always do witheggnog and appetizers and homemade cookies. I’ll whip up a batch of buckeyes. But what else do people do? Do they play week-long games of Monopoly? Try snow-shoeing as a family? Build bonfires in the yard?

I am open to suggestion from all of you!

So readers, what do you have for traditions with your loved ones that work well for people of all ages?

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