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Spreading Holiday Cheer

By Liz, looking forward to all the upcoming holiday festivities! Today we’re talking about holiday cheer – because who doesn’t need a lot of that right now, right? So tell me, Wickeds, how have you spread holiday cheer this season? Or have you been on the receiving end of some holiday cheer? 

Julie: I will confess, I’m late to the spreading cheer efforts this year. I spent some time at my parents’ summer house, and didn’t get home until mid-month. I’m thinking that New Years may be where my efforts lay this year. Today is the birthday of my nieces, two of my favorite people on earth, so I’ll be spreading some cheer with them over Zoom later today.

Edith/Maddie: Happy birthday to the girls, Julie! I made rum balls and Mexican Bridecakes and got them sent off to son #2 in Puerto Rico. That was a major cheer-spreading effort since my hand still isn’t up to full holiday baking. I have more ready to give to #1 son and his wife when the weather allows us to meet up outdoors for some Christmas cheer.

Barb: I baked my usual cookies, doing a fair amount of math to cut the batches. Then Bill and I drove around the area dropping off small tins to friends, which is what passes for a “fun outing” 2020-style. I also did my usual cards and Christmas letter. The card order was hung up at the company due to covid protocols and shipping issues. For a while it looked like they would be Valentines cards. Watching as the estimated delivery date was pushed back day after day sent me spiraling. Bill and I have an expression for these occasions, “It’s not about the dishes,” ie it’s a free-floating frustration that has latched onto a specific event. It was never about the cards. But they did show up and have been sent out and may arrive at their destinations sometime in the “Christmas era.”

Liz: I haven’t done much cheer-spreading either, Julie! But I do love buying gifts for the people in my building – our property manager and our facilities director who work so hard all year long. I gave them chocolates and gift cards for coffee (what else??). Usually I add the guys who valet park at our garage to the list, but sadly, they haven’t had any work since the start of the pandemic. Hoping they’ll return to the job soon so I can give them so “happy to see you” gifts!

Sherry: I put my Santa Claus collection out earlier than normal this year and our very minimal outside lights. We will stick with our usual Christmas Eve routine of eating pizza and driving around to look at lights. Although we may have to do that a night early because it is supposed to rain. We watched Die Hard last night for our first Christmas movie.

Jessie: I love all your ideas for spreading cheer! One of the things that make me feel festive is to pot up paper white narcissus and amaryllis bulbs hoping they will burst into bloom for the holiday season. This year is coming along beautifully for both! I also love making seasonal cookies with my kids. One of my beloved sisters sent me a surprise advent calendar that she filled with sachets of delicious seasonal teas and so many mini skeins of yummy sock yarn! It was so thoughtful of her!

Readers, what about you? How have you spread holiday cheer this season? Tell us in the comments below.

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