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Wicked Wednesday: Be careful what you wish for…

We’ve all had the experience. Something we wished for, fervently or casually, comes true. And it turns out to be not something we wanted at all. Wickeds, tell us about a wish you later regretted.

I’m giving away an Advance Reader Copy of Shucked Apart to a commenter below who answers the same question.

Sherry: I always think perhaps I brought Covid 19 on us single-handedly by wishing for a period of time when I could stay home and grow out the gray in my hair. Here I am eleven months since I’ve had my hair colored and there is still some color in it. Yeesh! The surprising thing is that I still have a lot of dark hair particularly in the back. I’ll be relieved when this growing out business is all over with! And when we can travel again.

Edith/Maddie: I know what you mean, Sherry! Not about the gray, for me, but wishing I didn’t have to think about the trials of traveling and packing (and suitable professional clothes for conferences). I’d give anything right now to be loading up a suitcase and printing out a boarding pass, especially if it took me directly to family. What’s the quote about living in interesting times?

Jessie: When my kids were small I sometimes wished it were more possible to just hear myself think. Now that they are mostly grown I end up hearing a lot more of my own thoughts than I ever intended!

Liz: I remember really pondering this saying as a kid and trying to reconcile what it meant. Of course as an adult it became way more obvious. There have been many things I’ve said this about, from relationships to homes I’ve bought that have been terrible choices. A couple of times it’s happened at work where I would wish a bad boss away only to have them be replaced by someone worse!

Barb: So many are pandemic-related. I used to wish all the time, “I wish the world would slow down. I wish I didn’t have to travel this month. I wish I didn’t have so many things on my calendar.” HA! I am completely done with wishing for any of that.

Julie: Barb, I remember last April, with every weekend booked with author events of one sort or another, wishing I didn’t have as much going on. Like everyone else, I take those words back. I’ve had experiences I’ve wished for that didn’t live up to expectations, but I’m not sure I’d take them back.

Readers: Do you have “be careful” what you wish for example that you’d like to share? One lucky commenter will receive an Advance Reader Copy of Shucked Apart.

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