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Opening Lines

It’s Opening Lines Friday! Wickeds, add your opening lines to go with the photo below. And thanks to Sherry for the picture!

Edith/Maddie: Miss Lacey insisted I donate my favorite gown to the rumble sale. She didn’t need to know the fluffy brown skirt bore my late rival’s bloodstains. Neither does the girl who buys it.

Barb: I would have recognized it anywhere, even after all these years. In 1974, my best friend Lucy had disappeared from our prom wearing that dress, the one her mom had so lovingly made her. Lucy had never been seen or heard from again.

Sherry: I sucked in a breath. Those were the dresses that had been haunting my nightmares, keeping me from a good night’s sleep for the past month.

Jessie: She handed the cash to the vendor for the pair of long white gloves and smiled as the woman asked her if she was purchasing them for a special occasion. Oh yes, she had a very special evening planned and it happened to call for her to wear gloves, preferably a pair purchased without a paper trail.

Julie: “Think Pink” was Ginny’s mother-in-law’s favorite saying, mostly in reaction to her Goth inspired wardrobe. She’d think pink. And use that cyanide she’d been saving to sweeten the tea.

Liz: I walked out of the building through the back door and tossed the gun into the nearest dumpster after wiping it clean. Then I ducked into the thrift shop I’d seen on my way in to grab one of those lacy pink numbers in the window. No one would suspect a pretty-in-pink type girl was the hit woman they were looking for.

Readers, add your opening line below!

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