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Wicked Wednesday-Anticipation

Jessie: In Northern New England, enjoying spring!

This month we are chatting about anticipation. Yesterday was release day for Edith’s latest Quaker Midwife Mystery, A Changing Light which involves change and progress.

So, this week I want to ask you about the sorts of things you are eagerly anticipating for the future? What are your sleuths hoping their futures will hold?

Sherry: Congratulations on the new book, Edith! I love the cover and am so happy for you! I’m hoping for a post pandemic world where we don’t have to wear masks and life can return to normal. My protagonists are hoping they will quit finding dead bodies, sadly that won’t happen!

Barb: Congratulations, Edith! I, too, love this cover. I’m hoping to finish the $%^&* book I’m working on, the tenth in the Maine Clambake Mystery series. Buoyed by a warm Maine spring (so far) Julia is eagerly awaiting the opening of the Snowden Family Clambake season. (Though she may stumble over a body before that happens.) Jane Darrowfield is working in her garden in Cambridge, Massachusetts hoping her efforts now will pay off later.

Jessie: Congratulations, Edith! Sherry, I hope your sleuths never run out of bodies! Barb, I know you will finish the book one way or another! As for me, I am anticipating time at the beach very soon! This is the first year that I can head up as soon as I would like since my youngest is off at college for the first time and I think I will likely go up in May since the beach is so lovely at that time of year! My sleuths are anticipating new adventures with their business and with skullduggery in the village. Beryl has her eyes on a small aeroplane and Edwina is feverishly working away on her novel!

Liz: Congrats, Edith! So exciting. Jessie, I’m with you on the beach! I can’t wait to sit on the sand and go swimming. As for my sleuths, Maddie is hoping that she can talk Grandpa Leo into more cats for the cat cafe, and Violet is anticipating that more witchcraft and mayhem are going to appear in her life despite her best efforts to retain some semblance of normalcy!

Julie: Congratulations, Edith! I’m looking forward to the beach and cookouts. Both a wonderful way to spend time with people I care about. I’m working on book #5 in the Garden Squad series now, and can say for certain that everyone is looking forward to Alden Park reopening soon. Lilly’s hoping there won’t be any more dead bodies found, and for this book, she’s in luck. The next one, though…

Edith/Maddie: Thanks, everyone! Beach, cookout, finishing books, spending time with friends and family and actually touching them – all wonderful things to anticipate. It’s not much of a spoiler to say that Rose is anticipating raising a family. Robbie Jordan is looking forward to her South Lick wedding, and Mac Almeida to fall on Cape Cod with whatever it brings.

Readers: What are you anticipating for the future?

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