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Guest-Jodi Thomas

Jessie: In New Hampshire where my quince is about to burst into bloom!

As a part of our ongoing series featuring authors writing in non-mystery genres, I am delighted to welcome NYT Bestselling author Jodi Thomas to the blog today! Thanks for visiting with us!

Somedays I think of myself as a contractor, not a writer.  I build a house for my people to live in. At first, it was a ranch house, the hotels and cafés. As the books kept coming, I continued to build oil fields, hospitals, and finally towns.

With each town came a series. I loved how characters played off one another as the series moved from book to book. New characters dropped in now and then, but as the books came into my head the core people made the town come alive.

I am now launching the second book in the Honey Creek Series in April 2021 and working hard on book 4. Book 3 is already finished and will be out in October.

Why are writers driven crazy? (Actually, we don’t need to be driven, most of us could walk.) When we promote one book, we are usually editing the next book, writing another and putting together an outline for one down the road. I once gave an entire interview on the wrong book and no one noticed.

At least when I write a series, I can stay in town!

I love living in Honey Creek. I started writing the series during the pandemic. All the world seemed darker and I was alone. 

One cold March day I stepped into a town where people cared about each other. All at once I was going skinny dipping at the creek and worrying about my ‘want to be’ Texas ranger and feeling sorry for the barmaid who fell in love with a bum.

As the months passed, I spent my time upstairs looking out my windows at a world I couldn’t go out into. But, I was smiling as I walked into the town of Honey Creek.  I got into bar fights, danced on the town square and fell in love a few times.

I invite you all to visit me in Honey Creek with BREAKFAST AT THE HONEY CREEK CAFÉ and stay to read PICNIC IN SOMEDAY VALLEY released April, 2021.

Readers, which genres besides mystery do you like to read? Who are some of your favorite non-mystery authors?

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