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Wicked Wednesday-Anticipation

Jessie: Looking forward to long walks on the beach in the coming weeks!

This is our last week chatting about anticipation. We talked about patience last week and that got me wondering about strategies for waiting with good humor. So, of course I thought of pastimes. Do you have any pastimes you love? Do your sleuths? And what about overlaps? Do your sleuths delight in the same things you do or is the fictional world a place for you to indulge in pastimes that you would not, or do not do in real life?

Sherry: Other than taking walks and reading I really don’t have a pastime. I used to do a lot of cross stitch but don’t anymore. Sarah and I share a love of garage sales and Chloe and I share a love of beaches (okay, and beach bars.) Chloe is very involved in water sports that I would never do!

Julie: I love to knit, and have picked it back up again lately. I found a particular scarf I love that is complicated enough to keep me interested, but simple enough to so. I suspect a lot of people will be receiving versions of it this year. I like to cook and bake, but living alone doesn’t give me a lot of opportunity to practice. In the Garden Squad series, Lilly gardens, of course. She also knits. You’ll learn that Ernie bakes when stressed, much to the benefit of all.

Edith/Maddie: I like to garden in the good weather and tend my houseplants indoors all year long. I also enjoy cooking, but that’s not really a pastime. Robbie Jordan bikes a lot, and Mac Almeida just got an adult coloring book. Rose Carroll Dodge knits – but we’ve never seen anything she finished!

Barb: I turned my pastime of writing into my profession, so I find myself without a hobby. I used to do a lot of scrapbooking and dabble (and I do mean dabble) in genealogy and family history. I spent quarantine quarancleaning, going through generations of photos and documents. I’d like to organize them some day. My kids won’t have a clue who these people are.

Jessie: Like Julie, and my sleuth Edwina, I love to knit. We also share a love of gardens and walking a dog. I have started to do a bit of painting, inspired by several characters I have been writing recently. Like Beryl, I drive a red motorcar and love to take it out on a nice day with the top down.

Readers, which pastimes do you enjoy in your own life?

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