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Eight Minutes

If you had a sudden eight minutes of free time, what would you do?

Jessie: I love small pockets of time to read a few pages of a book, listen to a short podcast or do a quick meditation session.

Barb: Unfortunately, I am terrible at using small periods of time. Always have been. I have the kind of brain that takes awhile to climb in and out of tasks. So I would probably end up frittering the time away on the internet.

Edith/Maddie: This question has me stumped! I guess I’d go out and sit on the deck, where our antique dogwood is having a spectacular bloom this year. Or just play with the cat.

Liz: I would probably go sit outside in the sun, play with the doggies or maybe sneak in a few minutes of reading. Or, like Barb, bring my phone and get sucked into Instagram or something.

Sherry: So this might sounds nuts, but I read an article about all the things you can accomplish in small amounts of time. When I find myself with some free minutes I often do some quick cleaning. Breaking cleaning into small tasks makes it much more palatable to me.

Julie: Sherry, I’d love you to share that article with me! If I’m home, I’d probably have the gap between meetings, so I would check email. If I’m waiting somewhere, I will read a book or listen to one. Or I may just sit and meditate. I need to get better about breaks between tasks.

Readers: What do you do when you have eight minutes of free time?

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