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Opening Lines

Wickeds, add an opening line to the photo below. Readers, add yours in the comments!

Jessie: Lyle’s heart hammered in his chest as he waited to see if anyone besides his own mother would recognize the sketch artist rendering of him in the national paper.

Sherry: The sniper’s hands shook as he realized his shot was way out of line. The red dot wasn’t lined up. If he didn’t complete the job he’d be the one dodging red dots.

Liz: Paul dreaded reading the name he knew he would see in the top story of today’s paper. Prolonging the inevitable, he smoked one last cigarette before he could face making the simple move to open the box and unleash the dreaded news.

Edith/Maddie: My heart nearly stopped. I hadn’t seen him for the entire decade he’d been incarcerated, and now he was free. But not for long, not if I had anything to do with it.

Barb: “Hey, you! What’s the news?”

Julie: The Doctor wasn’t convinced of the size of the new tardis, but he tried to have faith. His new assistant was determined to guard it, so he set out in search of Mrs. Christie who was most definitely out of her time, and wreaking havoc as only she could.

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