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WW: How Did You Celebrate The Last Day of School?

June is an interesting month. The beginning of summer, but also a time of finishing for those of us who are at all influenced by an academic calendar. So this month we’re going to talk about “finishing” and what that means.

This week, let’s talk about that great passage–the end of the school year. Wickeds, did you celebrate the last day of school? Were your graduations great celebrations? Do any of your characters go to school or celebrate the end of it?

Edith/Maddie: I remember that glorious feeling of the last day of school in elementary school. A long lazy summer seemed to stretch out ahead, filled with swimming, fresh peaches, milkshakes, and non-stop reading. I was a goofy kid, and my most memorable last day was in fifth grade. My sister had had Mr. (Ed) Aguirre for sixth grade that year, and I already knew I’d be in his class the next year. In an era where kids never called adults by their first names – and ESPECIALLY not teachers – I stopped by the open door of his classroom, yelled, “See ya next year, Eddie,” and sprinted away laughing. I’m still embarrassed…

Jessie: Fun question, Julie! Once I had a driver’s license I celebrated by going to such at a Chinese buffet with friends. As an adult I have celebrated the end of the school year by moving to the beach for the summer. I adore it!

Liz: My favorite way to celebrate was always to hit the beach with a book. You could say I’m kind of predictable…and that’s still my go-to!

Barb: On the last day of elementary school every year my grandmother would show up in her 1959 Thunderbird. (Not the famous 1957 one. This one was a four-seater, but it had the same shape and look.) She would drive my brother and me to my grandparents’ summer home in Water Mill, Long Island, where we would stay for two weeks. We would swim in the ocean and “the cut” (the place where Mecox Bay met, and occasionally opened to, the ocean). Then, we would go to the pool at my grandmother’s friends, The Allens house and dive for pennies, which would be redeemed at The Penny Candy Store on the way home. My grandmother’s father, my great-grandfather, was usually there at the same time, so I got to know him well. It was a glorious time to be a kid.

Julie: Edith, you made me laugh! And Barb, what wonderful memories! When I was in elementary school we lived in Duxbury, MA so we’d go to the beach for a cookout. We spent a lot of time at the beach those days. I LOVED the feeling of the last day of school. This week I’m going to two high school graduations, and last month I watched my nephew graduate from college. I will say, to date, my college graduation was one of the happiest days of my life.

Sherry: I don’t remember any big celebrations, just a lot of relief and the long summer stretching before me with lots of playing outside and swimming ahead.

Readers, how did you celebrate the last day of school?

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