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What We’re Writing: Mid-Summer Edition

by Barb, still loving it here in Maine

Hi Wickeds. We haven’t done this since February. What are you writing this July?

Edith/Maddie: I’m putting final polish on Murder in a Cape Cottage, Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery #4, which is due August 1. I have a few fixes to my not-under-contract suspense novel (thanks to keen-eyed reader Jay) before it goes out to an independent editor, then I have to start my Christmas Scarf Murder novella, title TBD (A Scarfed-Down Murder? A Scarfed-Down Christmas? ) which is in the Country Store series. I have NO idea what will happen or how Robbie will solve it. Any ideas, readers?

Julie: Edith, A Scarfed-Down Christmas made me giggle–not sure why. Then I thought of poisoned holiday treats. Ah, the mind of a mystery writer. July is Camp NaNoWriMo, so I’m using the time to finish the edit on my thriller, tentatively titled Z Quest. It’s moved from hot mess to okay over the past few months, so I want to send it to my first reader Jason. He’ll let me know if it’s a book or not.

Jessie: Good luck, Edith and Julie with your projects! They both sound like fun! I have recently been in the gathering, rather than writing stage, and am having a lovely time reading and researching all sorts of things from different times and places as I noodle on the next idea! That said, today I am doing no work at all as it is my wedding anniversary and I am in celebration mode!

Edith: Congratulations, Jessie and Elias!

Liz: Yes, congrats, Jessie! I am madly trying to finish the first draft of Cat Cafe #6 (title still TBD). Then I need to move on to Full Moon Mystery #3. Lots to do before the end of the year!

Barb: I don’t envy you, Liz! I just this moment pressed send on the edits for Maine Clambake #10. I’m taking a 6 Weeks, 6 Stories virtual course at Grubstreet, following the prompts to create some totally new work and setting some personal goals as well.

Sherry: Happy anniversary, Jessie and Elias! I love hearing about what you all are writing. I’m trying to work on three different project. The fourth Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mystery which is due in December, a meet/cute book with a Westie puppy (how did I ever come up with that idea?) and an action thriller that has been whirling in my mind since last December when there was that terrible bombing in Nashville on Christmas Day. I’m too afraid to look back at our February post to see if I said the same thing!

Readers: Do any of these projects catch your eye? Are there any you’re excited to see? Something you didn’t see you wish one of us was working on? Let us know in the comments.

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