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Wicked Wednesday – Dear Diary Day

It’s Wednesday…and we have a fun national day to talk about today. It’s Dear Diary Day and I want to see what your characters’ innermost thoughts might look like. Wickeds, give me a couple sentences from one of your character’s diaries.

Jessie: Dear Diary, I can scarcely believe I am writing this, but today I took Beryl’s motorcar out on my own for a jaunt! It seems like only yesterday that I was nervously clutching the wheel for my first, admittedly catastrophic, lesson in the drive. How far I have come! You know, being in a motorcar is quite a pleasant experience if one is at the helm! No wonder Beryl loves it so much.

Julie: Dear Diary, it is only on these pages that I will admit this. I dread going to these Christmas Carol readings coming up. Not that I hate the story–far from it. But hard as I try to understand the purpose of three new versions of the story, what I dread most is that it could be, well, painful, to sit through the readings. I can pretend once that it wasn’t as bad as he feared when talking to dear Ernie, but three times? While he’s staying at my house? I fear that this could be a very long holiday season here at Windward. Very long.

Edith: Over lunch today, Amelia and I discussed the horrifying social issue of men mistreating women, particularly when it comes to blows. The topic seems current, but of course such behavior has been going on for time immemorial. In the morning I shall call our journalist friend and see what we can do. Jamie Colby might be able to find Faith Bailey, the reporter who wrote the article prompting our discussions. Or he might have information independent of her. We must do SOMETHING. Now for my last smoke and bed. Goodnight, dear Diary. Until tomorrow. [Written by Dot Henderson, Boston, 1926]

Liz: Today I mastered the art of transporting! I would never admit it to Fiona, but it’s really fun to just show up and throw glitter everywhere. It’s like rolling out my own red carpet. And I haven’t missed since the time I showed up in the house next door to Fiona’s. Lucky no one was home. Now I just have to master handling the Magickal Council and find out who’s trying to frame me for a serious witch crime. Hopefully Grandma Abby left something in her spellbook about that…

Barb: Dear Diary, Livvie and Sonny are going to Portland for Halloween weekend! It’s their first time, ever, away without their kids. Mom’s babysitting for Jack and I’m the backup for Page, who’s going to a sleepover at a new friend’s house. I’m sure she won’t need me, and I’ll spend Halloween sitting alone in my apartment with the lights off, hiding from the trick-or-treaters. After all, what could happen?

Sherry: Dear Diary, This morning I got swept out into the Gulf of Mexico and could have died! Died! It scared me way more than I was willing to admit to anyone and maybe even to myself until this moment. Worse yet, I found evidence connected to my friend Ralph’s first wife. She has been missing for twelve years and Ralph had her declared dead. Apparently, Ralph and his current wife, Darlene, were persons of interest back when his wife first disappeared. Now that is all going to be dredged up again. If only, I hadn’t gotten on that boat.

Readers, give us a glimpse into your diaries to celebrate the day!

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