My Writing Life

The Writing Life

The writing life is different for each of us, so I thought I’d share what a typical day holds for me.

  1. Not a morning person!
  2. After getting ready for the day, I drink a glass of water, fix some breakfast, and do the social media things I need to do.
  3. More and more I’ve been doing some morning writing. My usual has been to write in the afternoon with two to four being my best writing time. But I’m working on a few different projects so morning writing is now a part of my schedule.
  4. Walk Lily. It’s a nice break from sitting at the desk.
  5. Depending on the time we walk there may be more writing before lunch.
  6. Lunch! My husband has been making us the best salads so I have that and watch part of a show recorded on the DVR.
  7. A little housework or laundry or reading.
  8. Writing! Some days it’s easy and some days…
  9. Walk Lily – this walk is usually shorter than the morning walk.
  10. Sometime I write again in the evenings if a scene starts running through my head.

Although all of this changes depending on what is going on in the book cycle. Right now I have the page proofs (it’s the last chance to fix simple things like grammatical mistakes before publication) for Three Shots to the Wind so I’m spending a lot of time with them.

Pre-Covid I had a lot more social events like going out to lunch or coffee. While those are more limited now, I was thrilled to have lunch with Barbara Ross and her lovely husband Bill last Friday. We picked up food and took it to a winery. It was a lovely afternoon.

Readers: Do you have a routine or are you more spontaneous?

33 Thoughts

  1. I have a “routine” but lately, it’s been harder and harder to stick to. This is usually a sign that the old routine isn’t working as well and I need to change it up.

    And Lily is adorable!!!


  2. While my “writing life” consists of writing my reviews whenever I have the time to do so, I am a creature of routine in every day life.

    It just helps with getting things done each day.


  3. I have a weekday routine (that revolves around the day job) and a weekend routine (that is more about what I want to do). I’m usually not awake enough to write in the morning, but I have done spurts where morning writing is what works.


  4. I do have a routine involving daily walks, housework, morning coffee/checking messages, but I try to mix it up a little by going different places, out to eat, etc. I don’t want my routine to become a rut!


  5. Being retired, we are totally flexible. Pre-Covid that could mean our day might have been planned one way and ended up being another. Now with health issues and the situation, we are content to be at home, but hoping we can resume travel and bucket list marking off soon. Most days now are either tending to the daily chores, reading or photographing our daily critter visitors all in between doctor visits which are all too often and all about 2 hours away.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  6. I tip my hat to you, Sherry! I do most of my writing in the late afternoon, after the day job and before it’s time to prepare dinner. My brain is way too sluggish in the morning to even think about being creative. LOL


  7. I manage early mornings with coffee and news on the weekdays. Then I look at my way too long “to-do” list that I have cornered myself with by being a busy volunteer and writer. Putting the day together then gets going! At least the colder weather gives more time to write! But then the writing part of the “to do” list is getting more defined too. Still sometimes that spontaneity is way too hard to resist! The “to-do” list will inevitably always be there anyway!


  8. I hate having to do the every morning routine stuff, so I have it down to a science. I make it through all the necessary things very quickly and then wing the rest of the day. It helps that I have no set time to get up so my morning may begin at 11:30!


  9. I start each morning by drinking water too, picturing the fluid lubricating my brain cells, plumping them up to get creative. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Can’t force it. So when bits of dialogue or other ideas wake me in the middle of the night, I’m grateful for the delayed reaction and scribble them down.


  10. With work, I have a fairly standard routine. But today has been thrown all out of whack since my work computer’s hard drive said it was too full, and anything I tried to do to help just made it worse. But I finally got IT to fix it.


  11. We are an early to bed, early to rise household and pretty much stay on routine most days. It works for us to be up and out of the house around 5 AM to take our early morning walk in the neighborhood. There have been days when we spotted a doe and her fawn at the end of the street and other days when we see an armadillo waddling around the side of a house. Today we saw another person walking towards us…quite the revelation since most of the time we don’t even see folks in cars. The nice young man said hello, too! My favorite part of any day is around 4 PM when I pull out my book of the moment and read until bedtime. Whatever routine you use, Dear Wickeds, thank you so much for writing! And, Sherry thank you for those sweet photos of Lily and the lovely photo of you and Barb! You both look so happy!


  12. I’m an early riser in that I’m usually up by 6:30. If I’m not working, I edit or write from the time I get up until about 10. I then eat breakfast and go through my email, play a game on my computer for a half hour, then get back to work. If I’m working (an outside the house job) I’ll edit and write when I can. I plan seminars or courses in the afternoons or evenings. I do the cooking most evenings and after eating spend time with my guy talking or watching a movie or documentary of some sort. I will knit or play games because if my hands aren’t busy I’ll fall asleep. I read a lot when at work since it’s easy to put down when my client needs me. On days when things just don’t seem to gel, I go for a walk, usually with a treat for my horses. (which I’m currently watching as they gather round the water trough like workers at a water cooler.) This is my email break. Time to get back to work.


  13. Good morning!!!!
    First thing I do each morning is make coffee. That’s a must ! Lol!
    I usually don’t have any thing special to do except starting on Thursdays. My husband and I go to flea markets and garage sales.
    Today we are going to the Covered Bridge Festival here in Indiana . There is tons of sales going on. I can’t wait!!!
    Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


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